Russ Brown, the original motorcycle lawyer who rides, founded Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys in 1975.  His lifelong passion for riding naturally led him to help fellow bikers who were being taken advantage of in personal injury cases.  As his attention to bikers’ rights and participation in political debates propelled him into the limelight, he quickly became known as the top motorcycle attorney in California, then the U.S.  In 2013, Russ was honored to become the first lawyer ever to be inducted into the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame.


Russ created a FREE program for fellow bikers called BAM (Breakdown Assistance for Motorcyclists).  BAM also offers free legal advice to its 2,000,000 members nationwide and collectively helps keep all riders safe in the event of a roadside emergency.

Today, Russ’ partners Chuck Koro & Jim Romag are leaders in the field of motorcycle accident law—both as personal injury litigators and as consulting motorcycle experts to many of the best attorneys in the country.  Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys nationwide team is comprised of handpicked experienced motorcycle accident lawyers whose goal is to work cooperatively, to your benefit. We are NOT a pay-to-join referral service or franchise; you cannot buy the right to be a Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorney.  The attorneys who compose our team are held to a high standard, and local to you.  We work together and are an additional resource to guarantee you the highest level of care and legal help.


Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys is also known as Brown, Koro & Romag, LLP in California, where Russ’ practice started.  We proudly share both our experience and our information with a Nationwide Team of handpicked, highly skilled attorneys in order to protect motorcyclists on the road.  Every day we help keep individual bikers safe—with BAM roadside help, with free legal advice through our network, and with the very best in expert legal representation.  We also offer an unparalleled level of support to motorcycle events and motorcycle groups all year long across the country.

Unfortunately, some riders will experience a motorcycle crash, and very often they will be unfairly blamed or inadequately compensated for their injuries and damage to their bike.  Whether it was a minor scooter accident or a major motorcycle crash, the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys team can help improve your odds.  Bad police reports and negative circumstances (license, helmet, insurance, toxicology issues) may not mean the end of your case. Consult with us; we have successfully beaten these problems before.

There isn’t a situation or scenario or insurance company tactic that Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys haven’t already encountered and overcome.  We fight those challenges aggressively, daily, and our success rate in California is an extremely high 98% for all retained cases.

This is why you need professional advice.  Most of us would like to believe that insurance companies have our best interests at heart; but the fact is they are in the business of making money for their shareholders.  When they are faced with substantial financial liability, their primary concern is to close the case and for the least amount of money possible.

When a fellow rider goes down, their whole life can change.  They might need money to cover medical bills for surgeries and rehabilitation, money to live on while they are unable to work, and money to get their motorcycle repaired.  In the event of a serious motorcycle crash, it could be months or even years before they fully recover from their sustained physical injuries. An experienced lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents can assist in each of these areas.  Call us; your consultation is free.  Ultimately, it may mean a difference in the quality of your life.


Typical insurance company tactics include rushing you to close your case quickly and under value it–or conversely, employing delay upon delay upon delay to wear you down.  Their first line of defense is the claims adjuster, who will try to minimize the seriousness of your case, in an effort to settle on their terms and to their benefit.  Once you have accepted their offer, your case is done.  Our job is to protect the interest of our client, to maximize your recovery, while securing a fair and adequate settlement or judgement for the pain and suffering you have endured.

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys truly care about the riders they represent.  We know how insurance companies operate.  Even if ultimately you do not require a lawyer, our experienced free legal advice can help guide you through.  Call us now at 800-424-5377 to discuss your case with your local counsel – We Ride, We Care, We Win.