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California’s Most Dangerous Roads for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Los Angeles Personal Injury AttorneysMotorcycle Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles: Bikers And Dangerous Roadways

The Angeles Crest Highway has long been considered one of the most dangerous stretches of roadway in Southern California. In fact, since it reopened earlier this month, there have already been 3 fatal accidents. According to the Altadena News, one motorcyclist died and another was injured on Sunday afternoon, June 19th in two separate wrecks. The young Fontana man was killed at mile marker 57 when he failed to negotiate a left hand curve. The Los Angeles motorcyclist was traveling at a high rate of speed when he ran off the roadway and careened down the steep embankment. Sadly, he was pronounced dead at the scene. According to police reports, the Los Angeles motorcycle accident was the third fatal accident in merely three weeks since the Angeles Crest highway reopened.

In Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, there are several dangerous stretches of roadway that can cause catastrophic motorcycle accidents, and the Angeles Crest Highway is definitely on the list. In addition, stretches of the 101 and the 405 can be treacherous for bikers, especially in gridlock traffic. The I-5 is also extremely dangerous, with 798 fatal accidents occurring between 2004-2008. Sadly, the majority of these fatalities occur in Orange County and the neighboring communities.

In addition to the freeways, many of Los Angeles county roads are also dangerous. California Route 73, the Ortega Highway, and Laguna Canyon Road are three of the deadliest roads in Orange County and the Los Angeles area and motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles warn all motorcyclists to use extra caution when traveling on any of these roadways.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyers On Your Side

Sadly, these deadly Los Angeles roadways are also dangerous for drivers of other vehicles. When other drivers fail to negotiate turns correctly or drive distractedly, they can un-expectantly cause serious and fatal Los Angeles motorcycle accidents. If you or someone you love is injured in a Los Angeles motorcycle accident, you need a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. At Russ Brown motorcycle accident attorneys, we understand the issues facing Los Angeles motorcyclists because we ARE motorcyclists. Call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION at 1-800-4-BIKERS.

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  1. Dave

    And the motorcyclists themselves aren’t at all to blame for the carnage? I realize that many cyclists obey the laws more or less, but LA has a serious issue with stupid motorcyclists. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    I live in Detroit and I’m here for business. I constantly see bikers passing between cars, weaving in and out of the carpool lane, shifting between uneven traffic, etc. You guys take it to a whole new extreme.

    You folks wonder why you’re being offed in record numbers. Maybe if you guys didn’t drive like complete morons things would be a little different.

  2. Mark

    Have to agree with “Dave”… if (many, but not all) motorcyclists didn’t ride like “complete morons”, to quote Dave, they wouldn’t be involved in so many accidents. Most of these guys are proof that Darwin was right.

  3. justin

    And both of you know that riding between cars (also known as lane splitting) is legal righy?Majority of fatal motorcycle accidents are not caused by motorcyclist!Mostly it is caused by stupid and innattentive drivers (people driving while texting,talking on the phone,eating,etc.. While dtiving!!!

  4. RR

    i had a motorcyclist on beverly glen tail-gaiting me in LA and these riders think they are beyond the law and he almost ate it when i needed to turn (and he wasn’t watching) and then of course YELLED at ME! (moron is right). NOTE TO RIDERS: when you weave in and out take note that most of us can’t SEE you (texting or not) until you are almost up our window! i’ve almost hit countless riders because they speed up so fast and then weave around you – you don’t even know they’re there. they are just complete MORONs and i have no sympathy for them in accidents.

  5. Crazy Tiger

    First of all, NOT all bikers are asking for it!! In California. lane splitting is legal and for good reason!!! it saves lives and bikes! (when done properly) so you guys that come here from somewhere else, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to watch for us. We as bikers already have all of our focus on the ride, not distracted by cell phones, texting, changing music, lighting cigarettes, and all the other $#!+ you cagers do while driving inattentively. We as bikers are already looking out for you, do the right thing and look out for us. …. On every ride i go on, i must avoid about 10 cagers in a day. yeah, thats right…. you guys in cars etc, not paying attention to the road. If we rear end you, its an insurance claim, if you rearend us, its a funeral….. get a clue!

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