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Ohio State Trooper That Hit Motorcyclists Gets Light Sentence

On Monday an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper was sentenced for his part in an August collision with motorcyclists.

Trooper Jacob Daymon appeared in the Xenia Municipal Court before Judge Michael Murry and was admonished before his sentencing.  The judge informed Daymon that he found his behavior “reckless given there were no adverse weather conditions” and that he had been driving on a rural stretch of highway to avoid traffic.

The trooper apologized to the victims before his sentence was announced; however, they were not in court to witness it.

Daymon was sentenced to a fine of $150 plus related court costs on a misdemeanor charge of failing to maintain “assured clear distance”.  Additionally, his driver’s license was suspended for six months but his attorney stated that the judge will make an allowance so that the trooper may continue his job.

According to the crash report issued by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Daymon was using a computer in his car and speeding when he came upon the motorcyclists Corey and Amy Waldman and collided into them from behind.

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  1. chris

    why aren’t you addressing the fact that he (the officer) was defending himself against more than one person attacking him and angry at him for the injury to his daughter? he had to defend himself. One sided reporting once again

  2. Audrey Nesbitt

    You may have this case confused with another. There was no altercation here. Ohio Trooper was not paying attention to the road and hit this couple. Period. No daughter or defending oneself is involved here.

  3. American_patriot_1776

    This was an accident. however, if a private citizen hit a motorcyclist while using a cell phone they probably would have been charged intensively. Being an officer of the law I believe he should be held to a more strict code of conduct and not given any lenience because of his job. He basically was not punished at all for neglecting his responsibilities. I believe termination from the Ohio State Highway Patrol would be more acceptable. At least a lengthy suspension so that he can contemplate his actions and further assess how he can prevent this from ever happening again. Instead he only lost PRIVATE driving privileges and will be out in his cruiser today. Teaching that officer that he can be irresponsible and do whatever he wishes; using his laptop while driving, fast, on a dark country road. I can only foresee more accidents in the future from this one.

  4. Kenny

    I’ve been following this since it first came out on facebook….I’m curious, has ANYONE other than me noticed that there was NO MENTION/JUDGEMENT about this sorry, negligent Ohio State Patrol officer being made to pay this couple any form of restitution for their medical expenses, lost wages, pain & suffering? If the judge did not order him to do that as part of his sentence, then I say the judge should be charged with preferential treatment, mis-carriage of justice & dereliction of duty.

  5. So what kind of settlement amount is this case going to generate?
    Can you imagine the time I would serve if I was talking on my cell phone and rear-ended a motorcycle cop while going 81 in a 65…

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