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We ride and we know the dynamics of a motorcycle accident, the type of injury and damage that can occur. Only riders know how differently a motorcycle handles from a car and only motorcycle accident lawyers know how different a collision is for a motorcyclist. Make the wise choice to consult with a seasoned professional–our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers are waiting to help and fight for you. Whatever and wherever you ride, get your personal, FREE consultation 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s never too soon–waiting can hurt your case.

We Ride–We Care–We Win!

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My wife and I hired The Brown, Koro & Romag, LLP law firm after I was involved in a motorcycle accident. I can honestly say that was the smartest move we made. We were very impressed with our motorcycle accident lawyer, Chuck, and the way he handled our case. His professionalism and knowledge was valuable to us in getting our case resolved. He was very honest with us, and that's something I don't think you see in a lot of people. We feel that Mr. Koro was able to get us more than a fair settlement. He fought for us and showed us that we could trust him to do what was right for us. I would highly recommend Mr. Chuck Koro should anyone ever have the need for a damn good motorcycle accident attorney.

- Jerry & Linda D. Read More