MD Motorcycle Accident Victims Benefit from Age Old Therapy—Leeches.


maryland motorcycle accident injury attorneysIn October, Marc Miller was seriously injured in a Baltimore motorcycle accident. His injuries included a badly damaged foot that had been dragged along the pavement. This injury required advanced surgeries at John Hopkins hospital and an extensive rehabilitation period. In addition, doctors decided to use a more “experimental” therapy and one that is gaining popularity for treating serious skin wounds after motorcycle accidents—leeches.

Although using leeches to speed blood flow and skin healing has been around for centuries, modern medicine is now beginning to embrace them in a variety of ways. In addition to improving blood flow to amputated digits after they are reattached, leeches’ saliva contains a natural anesthetic that actually provides injured motorcycle accident victims with a bit of pain relief.

Although leech therapy has been used for centuries, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration officially approved them as medical devices in 2004. Since then, motorcycle accident victims in Maryland and beyond have benefited from these blood-sucking worms. Leeches prevent major complications that often arise after skin injuries and after skin surgery by improving circulation to the affected tissue. The alternative to leech therapy may be more complicated surgeries or even amputation.

As a Maryland motorcyclist, it is important to know of the new—and old—treatments that are available, should you suddenly be injured in a motorcycle accident. These treatments and procedures can make the difference between a speedy, uncomplicated recovery and a lifetime of pain and suffering.

If you are injured in a Maryland motorcycle accident, it is important to contact a Maryland motorcycle accident attorney immediately to review your case. If your injuries are severe or require extensive rehabilitation or “unique” therapy—such as leech therapy, your attorney will aggressively negotiate with your insurance company to ensure that ALL of your treatments are covered.

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