Ashley Grindstaff

Ashley Grindstaff’s fascination with motorcycling started at a young age, when her grandfather would take her riding around the block on the back of his bike. Born in Lapeer, Michigan, she grew up in a military family; her father is a 30 year veteran of the United States Air Force and current Command Chief at the United States Air Force Academy. As a result, Ashley grew up with a hard working military mentality, knowing nothing would ever be handed to her. Her father’s military career took Ashley all over the country, living in Michigan, New York, North Dakota, California, Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, Utah, Ohio, Colorado, Illinois and even overseas. All that traveling and all that change taught her to be strong and resilient.

Ashley’s multi-faceted upbringing also instilled compassion and a desire to help people from all walks of life, which led her to pursue personal injury law as a career. Before becoming an attorney, while attending Northern Illinois University College of Law, Ashley started out worked as a legal assistant at Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys. She learned from the original motorcycle accident attorneys and became passionate for fighting for the rights of injured riders and hungrily absorbed personal injury law from the ground up. Motorcyclists have been her favorite clients as she identifies with the riding community and feels passionate about helping the hardest hit.

As a Russ Brown attorney, Ashley’s knack for seeing the big picture of a case from the very beginning has proven to be a valuable gift. She finds creative, unique solutions to the most challenging problems that arise in the field and stays on the cutting edge of new case law in order to provide her clients with the strongest and most innovative advocacy possible. Motorcycle accident victims often start out as the underdog, but Ashley sees every challenge as a great opportunity to turn the tables on the opposition. Since the injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident can oftentimes be severe, Ashley prides herself on negotiating medicals bills to ensure her clients receive the highest net settlement they possibly can. Don’t let her kind demeanor fool you, she is incredibly tough and she fights to win.

Ashley Grindstaff prides herself on her strong moral compass and ethical code and knows an attorney’s education is never complete. She credits serving the motorcycle community as the single most rewarding experience in her professional life. When she’s not fighting the good fight, you can find Ashley camping and exploring the outdoors.

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