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ASMA Round 3 Race Report from RBMA Sponsored Racer Nic Swensgard

Saturday’s practice went very well, I felt good on the bike and we were going CCW (Counter Clock Wise) which is my favorite direction.  I’ve been chasing the Lap record but never ran a lap timer so I didn’t know where I was at. In the third session of practice on Saturday I ended up getting under the CCW 250 Lap record using a personal lap timer. I was confident going into Sundays races. In morning warm up on Sunday I felt great, the weather was perfect for an official lap record and I was under it in warm up as well.  My front tire was pretty toast since I had 3 weekends on the tires, luckily Roger from Heems Racing put a new front Pirelli on to help me get the lap record in my first race of the day.

My first race of the day was the 300 Superbike, I got a good start but I knew I needed to get a clear track to get the lap record so I made a sketchy pass into turn one. I checked out from the rest of the field and put my head down. My lap timer was showing 1:18.0’s (Which is under lap record) and on lap 5 my lap timer showed a 1:17.7 and I was super shocked. The last lap coming out of Yuka ( Turn 2) my front end slid out but somehow I saved it and then I looked back to see where 2nd was and I decided to just ease on into the win since I had a big lead and the lap record.

My second race of the day was Ultra Lightweight GP, I got a good start but saw three R3’s pass me into turn one. I dived bomb two of them to get with Mikey who was leading. I knew I needed to be right with him on the first lap to have a chance to win. I tried to get around him for 6 laps in pretty much every corner because I knew if I got in front I had the pace to check out and he knew that too. He raced smart and defensive so I had to settle with a 2nd. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to get a clear track to try to get a faster lap time but it was a fun race.

The third race of the day was Formula 500, I knew in the first lap I had to get around Mickey so I could check out. I made a few passes into turn 1 and stuffed Mickey into turn 5. I looked behind me on lap two and found Roger stalking me. We had a great battle switching leads. I was following Roger trying to find where I was stronger and when there were a few laps left I passed him under braking going into the carousel. I wanted to ride defensive for the last few laps to keep roger behind me and once we ran into a lapper I didn’t get past him in time and Roger came under me into turn 5. Unfortunately, my rear tire was sliding everywhere and Roger started creeping away. So, I had to settle for a 2nd. However, I did go faster by .10 seconds with a 1:17.64 in that race.

The last race of the day for me was 500 CUP/ Southwest Thunder, I started from the second row and I knew I had to get around the faster bikes in the first few corners. I worked my way to second behind Art and I was following him getting ready to make a pass but unfortunately a rider crashed and caused a red flag. On the restart I had the same plan. A majority of the race I was trying to pass Art but I just could not find a place to pass, he was riding very smart and defensive. When I saw a little gap, I dove right in and passed for 1st. After that I put my head down and checked out. I ended up 1st overall and in class which gave me a win in 500 CUP and Southwest Thunder.

I had a great weekend and a ton of fun! The battles where intense and super fun! I can’t thank everyone enough for helping me! Massive thanks to Roger with Heems Racing for all the help this weekend. I’d like to thank my sponsors, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, Heems Racing, Spidi, Arai Americas, Xcel Trackdays, Imune Clothing, ODI Grips and, Sidi for making this season possible for me. Thanks for everyone’s support and I can’t wait for round 4!

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