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Harley-Davidson® Snow Hill Climb

Motorcycles have been a part of my life from the very beginning! I grew up in a moto family and was fortunate enough to race motocross when I was younger and got a feel for bike handling and control early on. I always loved the power and sound of Harley-Davidson’s and hopped on one the first chance I got. Nothing compares to your first wheelie on a Harley, well maybe, except for your second one. I enjoyed pushing my limits on the bike, paid with scrapes and scars over the years. I met the UNKNOWN Industries guys at a local show and after riding together a bit I joined the team. Over the next few years, we toured North America at some of the most premier motorsports events showing what we could make these hogs do!

If you’re like me, tuning into X Games each year was a part of life. You watched your favorites like Hawk, Mirra, Pastrana, Way, and Adams (to name a few) take the known human potential and knock it on its ass year after year. The combo of the Summer and Winter games, the sheer speed, and the skilled pros was a real inspiration for me. It challenged me to go out each day and to do more with my Harley.

The UNKNOWN team competes and performs with our daily ridden legally registered bikes. It’s not uncommon to catch us riding from the hotel to the event we’re about to rip apart when our turn comes to show the crowd what we’ve got. It’s been an amazing experience to ride with these guys, they are really the best of the best.

In 2018 Harley-Davidson came up with a rad idea to bring Hill Climb racing to X Games, and to make it even better, they added snow for the Winter Games! The Harley-Davidson Snow Hill Climb combines multiple historic motorcycle racing disciplines into one amazing new competition. The race is part drag, part hill climb, and part ice racing where we start motocross style: side by side, in a full throttle blast up the course fighting for traction and control to keep the bike straight and cross the finish line first. Harley-Davidson has been at the forefront of American motorcycle racing since the introduction of the board and dirt track oval racing in the early 1900s. The grassroots Harley-Davidson racing tradition is alive at the Snow Hill Climb.

This year the Snow Hill Climb was back in Aspen, CO, where I was invited to compete. I rode my personally owned Harley Dyna. I was the only competitor on a complete Harley and I completely overhauled the bike to put power and traction to the ground. I had custom fabrication and built support from Kraus Motor Co. who installed a new JIMS 120 engine, new transmission and Brock’s extended swing arm. FAB28 Industries created a one-off custom high-performance exhaust system for the bike for new production. Rundlett Performance Machine converted the bike to fuel injection, added a new clutch, custom studded paddle tires, and a BST carbon fiber front wheel. You have to look fast too! My bike, better known as “Swamp Juice”,  got a fresh paint makeover from Schultz Designs. We finished prepping and testing the bike with a dyno tune at Durango Harley-Davidson.

The amazing support from the Russ Brown team has helped me get a ton of testing time over the past few weeks. I’ve had custom tracks built out and ridden runs at race altitude so my body could get acclimated so that I could take the checkered flag come race day. Russ Brown has been longtime fans of fun and exciting events in the community. Instead of a slammed door when I went to them with this idea, I was met with open arms from their whole team.

My X Games dreams were made possible with the hands-on partnerships and support of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys, Kraus Motor Co., Unknown Industries, Jims USA, Monster Energy, RPM MotoFAB28 Industries, Heatwave Visual, Simpson Motorcycle Helmets, Durango Harley-Davidson, Four Corners Motorcycle Rally, Purgatory Resort, and Boost Oxygen.

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Photo credit by @JustinGeorgePhotos

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