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New York City – Motorcyclists Swarm SUV

In upper Manhattan (New York City) yesterday, a pack of motorcycle riders pummeled the driver of an SUV after a fender bender on the West Side Highway. The victim of the SUV was driving his wife and child when he became engulfed by a swarm of motorcyclists on the highway. One of the motorcyclists cut off the driver and slammed on his brakes, causing the SUV driver to accidentally hit one of the bikes. He immediately stopped to survey the damage and speak with the bikers; but when the bikers started damaging the SUV, he takes off.

The bikers chase the SUV and he is forced to stop, and then hits three motorcyclists (no one was hurt) trying to get away. The driver, a man in his 30’s, said he was afraid for his life and his family, so he sped further down the road with the angry motorcycle gang in hot pursuit. The chase continued up I-95 to W. 176th St.

Somewhere on W. 178th St, the SUV driver was forced to stop at a red light. This gave the motorcycle gang enough time to attack. One biker ripped off his helmet and smashed through the driver’s side window. Another tried to punch the backseat window—where the couple’s young child was sitting.

Police have said that the bikers then beat up the driver and slashed his face—which required him to get stiches in the Columbia University Medical Center emergency room.

An investigation has been launched and police are reviewing the incident closely. For now, no one has been arrested, but that will likely change.

You can view the entire chase scene here (warning graphic video):

Photo courtesty of LiveLeak.com

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  1. American Infidel

    See how they are riding? VERY unsafe. Too bad those SPORTS BIKE riders think they’re BAAD. Hope those involved get their ässes thrown in jail and have to pay for the medical bill. I’ve seen to much craziness to trust even riding NEAR one of those chuckleheads!

  2. Mike Hough

    A motorcycle “Gang”? Really? I didn’t see any colors. Looked like a group of crotch rocket riders trying to stop the SUV from getting away. Whether hitting the bike was an accident or deliberate, the SUV was leaving the scene of an accident.

  3. Julie Wilkins

    Typical Sport bikers that think THEY own the road. There was NO REASON for the first biker to pull in front of the SUV and stop on what appears to be a freeway. I hope they all get caught and have to pay the piper. Harley riders would never have done that.

  4. Josh G

    Wrong Mike…he did stop to try and figure it out. Then they had a pissed off mob mentality while he had his family with him. He feared for their lives as those idiots had no intention of figuring out the slight accident…..just wanted to be insane mob and prove how bad they were ….fuck them…to bad some didnt go to the hospital after getting run over.

  5. Jeremy

    Def sport bikers fault. They were aggressors . The car should have ran over every last one of them little punks.

  6. Ron

    Saw one want to be bike with a patch, and this is why we carry guns in Florida. Let the punks try that here.

  7. Ed Reilly

    Mike Hough…Are you Friggin’ Kidding me, Colors? Bull, These Crotch Rocket Riders have been terrorizing the Roads for years…Young family guy, wife & little Girl in his Vehicle and after being screwed with by these Pussies on Ass Rockets you think he should stop? He did what he should’ve, he called the Cops and tried to protect bride and Child…I’ve been Riding since ’67 and never rode with a Crew that Abused a Family like that! PS…..There would’nt have been an accident if Ricky Rocket hadn’t slammed on the brakes! It’s Maggots like these Clowns that give Bikers a Bad Name!

  8. Wow, what at terrifically biased article! You may feel some sympathy for the SUV driver after the bikers are on his trail but this clown was driving a modern day tank and less than 30 seconds after he was involved in an accident, he decided to use that tank to blast his way through a pack of other vehicles and people! He probably angered the bikers by tailgating some of them or something, we will find out. The one biker who dared him to hit him escalated the situation but the forces were unequal. You can see the SUV go up in the air as this guy four-wheels his tank over the bikes! Wow! What a dumb move! Or maybe he just thought he could get away with it, George Zimmerman style! Let’s see what happens.

  9. Dennis

    Mike, many of them are wearing colors. At 5:07 you clearly see the top rocker ‘Front Line Soldiers’ and bottom rocker ‘New Rochelle, NY’
    Google and you find http://www.frontlinesoldiersmc.com


    WTF…those arent “Bikers”..come on..most of the Bikers i ride with would of shown respect to the road and if involved in an accident would not have been punks about it. I am with Ed..these clowns give the TRUE BIKER. a bad name. Remember, RESPECT is not just given because you ride, IT IS SOMETHING THAT IS EARNED.

  11. rwjjr

    If I would have been driving that SUV I would plow them down right on that highway and through it in reverse and took out as many as I could with no sympathy. Family first all else well f*ck them!

  12. Trevor

    Hey Gary Bills,
    if it was you and your wife and an infant daughter in the suv and the dozens of motorcyclist surround and slow down and do a break check on you and you end up bumping in to the rear tire and they come towards your car and start damaging and slicing your tires, you would have done the same and so will most everyone. you have the right and the duty to protect your family and your self by fleeing the imminent danger regardless.

  13. Courtney Hate

    Here is an article about one of the main agressors in this little crotch rocket shindig:


  14. The Dago Diablo

    1st. None of those punks are bikers so stop calling them that!
    2nd. He did stop to check on the guy he bumped..and had to leave the scene when the “MOB” started their assault.
    3rd. I’ve seen other vids posted by these punks…and they showed the same lack of respect in all of them…it was an asshole who did the break check that took this to the next level.
    4th. I invite all you ass rocket (borrowed from ed-thx ed) riders to come down to SoCal and see if that style of riding and respect works for ya.
    If I see you assfucks doing anything close to that around me or someone else on our roads…you will taken out and made an example of and the vid will show something alot more graphic then what we see here.

  15. terry

    yeah one guy will never walk again because he got ran over so his wife wants the guy in the suv to pay for what some douche bag friend of his did instead of going after who started it .there was a undercover cop there and to deticves there and they did nothing to stop it

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