AFT Races at Dixie Speedway AFT Races at Dixie Speedway

With the heat of the intense matchup at the Daytona TT still pumping through their veins, the racers converged at the Dixie Speedway in preparation for the American Flat Track Atlanta Short Track race this weekend. This 3/8-mile Georgia red clay track has only hosted AFT two times now, but each time has proven to…

A Lobby Hobby A Lobby Hobby

(Part I of a 3 Part Series) According to the national average, the majority of you reading this are not politically active and probably don’t even know who your legislators are. My name is Stump and I’m hoping to change that. I’m the Legislative Affairs Officer for ABATE of Colorado (ABATE), a State Motorcycle Rights…

Motorcycle Profiling Law Has Momentum in California Assembly Motorcycle Profiling Law Has Momentum in California Assembly

On April 10, 2018 the California State Assembly Committee on Public Safety held a public hearing and ultimately voted 5-2 to give a favorable recommendation to AB 2972, a grassroots backed legislative proposal that prohibits law enforcement from engaging in the practice of motorcycle profiling and provides a private cause of action for victims of…

Industry Spotlight: Nic Swensgard Industry Spotlight: Nic Swensgard

In the world of motorcycle racing there is no “fast line” to success. The idea that racers “burst onto the scene” ignores the years of effort they put in to get there. Among the many capable athletes looking for the dwindling factory rides in the world of motorcycle road racing is 17 year old Nic…

Fun On Two Wheels for Under $35 Fun On Two Wheels for Under $35

Even though I ride a 1956 Panhead most of the time I am also very focused on showing the world that you don’t need a lot of money to have fun on two wheels.  My husband Gabe owns this pair of Yamaha TW’s, so we set out to show everyone just how much fun can…

Support AB 2972 & Stop Motorcycle Profiling in California Support AB 2972 & Stop Motorcycle Profiling in California
  • April 03, 2018
  • By California Motorcycle Anti-Profiling Coalition
  • Motorcycle Law

website: https://www.causes.com/campaigns/104351-end-motorcycling-in-california Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/motorcycleriderunification/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ca_mcprofiling

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