Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis: 2018 Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis: 2018

Now in its fourth year, the Veterans Charity Ride to Sturgis© (VCR) takes wounded and amputee veterans on a two-week road trip on Indian Motorcycles to the famous biker rally. This year it left from Las Vegas, Nevada, spending time in Moab, Utah before wandering the backroads of Colorado and Wyoming, then ending in the…

Harley Davidson Motorcycles 115th Anniversary Harley Davidson Motorcycles 115th Anniversary

I was camping in the deep woods in British Columbia when I got a phone call from Harley Davidson asking if I wanted to ride with their media crew from Toronto, Ontario to Milwaukee for the 115th Anniversary Celebration of Harley Davidson. I had already heard of the event and knew it was going to…

Hooligans in the Bay Hooligans in the Bay

Bringing motorcycle racing to a new audience has been a goal of varying importance since the dawn of motorsport. Some of the biggest hurdles organizers and promoters run into is making the rules easy to understand, finding a nearby venue, and having more to do than just watch motorcycles go round and round. Roland Sands…

MotoAmerica Sonoma Race Report MotoAmerica Sonoma Race Report

I was excited to go to Sonoma because I knew my bike was more suited for this type of track. I got to walk the track with Josh Hayes and the Yamaha boys and I tried to soak up as many tips from the champ as I could because I’ve never been to Sonoma before….

Industry Spotlight: Scratchboard Artist BOMONSTER Industry Spotlight: Scratchboard Artist BOMONSTER

Visual artists draw their power from what is added as well as what is not added. But in the medium of scratchboard art (called scrapeboard art in some countries), it has everything to do with what you take away. Scratchboard artists like Los Angeles-based-BOMONSTER use a clay board that is evenly covered with India ink. Using…

Flat Track Racing for Beginners Flat Track Racing for Beginners

Ever since I attended a Speedway in Costa Mesa, I’ve been attracted to flat track racing. The bikes are simple but fast (often built san’s brakes) and are relatively inexpensive to buy/build. Going fast and turning left seemed to be the only skills one would need to compete (so I naively thought) and if ya…

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