6 Tips for the Socal Rider’s Laguna Seca Experience 6 Tips for the Socal Rider’s Laguna Seca Experience

Racers have been making history on the Laguna Seca International Raceway since 1957. Nestled just east of Monterey Bay in Northern California, half of the reason to make the trek is for the gorgeous scenery and roads leading to the area. So, if you’re a newbie like I am, what can you expect from such a…

Harley-Davidson And Bike Blessings From The Pope

Pope Receives Harleys as Part of Company’s 110th Anniversary As part of Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary celebrations (to culminate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin), the company presented two Harley-Davidson’s to Pope Francis. One of the motorcycles has been signed by Pope Benedict XVI and will go to auction; the second will go to the Vatican Museums. His Holiness…

Laconia Motorcycle Week

Russ Brown Attorney News: Time for Laconia Motorcycle Week! New Hampshire, a beautiful state in the country’s northeast where one can visit beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, witness the splendor of mountains as well as enjoy a sunny day by the lake.  Starting on June the 8th, one will also be able to witness the…

A Motorcycle Helmet That Puts Eyes On The Back Of Your Head

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys: New Helmet Gives You Eyes in the Back of Your Head Have you ever noticed how dangerous our roads have become?  Increased traffic, road hazards, weather conditions and human error have bikers facing more safety challenges on our highways and city streets than ever before.  How can motorcyclists hope to stay…

Laughlin River Run 2013

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys: Laughlin River Run Just Around the Corner Between April 24th and 28th, the air in the beautiful state of Nevada will be filled with the thunderous roars of thousands of motorcycles as bikers converge upon the city of Laughlin, Nevada.  Nestled upon a sliver of the Colorado River where the states…

Motorcycle Graveyard In Michigan

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys: Motorcycle Graveyard Keeps the Past Alive While Central Michigan in the middle of winter is probably not the easiest place to hunt for replacement parts for your motorcycle, it might just be one of the best. Steven Tompkins owns the Snowmobile and Motorcycle Salvage located in northern Mount Pleasant, Michigan. This…

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