Catskills Rediscovered Catskills Rediscovered

Over the summer I got a chance to ride through over 37 states in search of America’s “misunderstood locations” to find out what they really were all about. One of the places on the list was the Catskills. Up until my visit the only thing I knew about it was that it’s not too far…

David Mann’s Chopper Fest David Mann’s Chopper Fest

One of the coolest things about Choppers is their historic relevance to the motorcycle community. The wild chopped, bobbed, and stretched style of the chopper exploded in the 1960s, becoming the officially unofficial chariot of bad asses. They were shot into the lime light by celebrities and movies like Easy Riders, and made a permanent…

The Annual Tradition of Toy Runs – Raising Millions for Children The Annual Tradition of Toy Runs – Raising Millions for Children

In late November through December an annual biker tradition replicates itself across America, touching the lives of almost every biker that rides. Motorcycle clubs and independent bikers gather by the thousands for the singular purpose of giving toys and charity to kids and their families during the holidays. This simple tradition termed a “Toy Run”…

Babes Ride Out Women Riders Rock the Joshua Tree Desert Babes Ride Out Women Riders Rock the Joshua Tree Desert

This year marks the fourth for the women’s only motorcycle campout in the desert of Southern California- Babes Ride Out continues to grow and offer an incredible experience for female motorcyclists. The October 20th campout took over the entire Joshua Tree Lake Campground, Thursday through Sunday, and included a huge variety of entertainment. The final…

Excessive Force and Motorcyclists Excessive Force and Motorcyclists

“Without a doubt, the most controversial issue in American policing is the use of force by police officers. On too many occasions, we have seen newspaper headlines reporting that an individual has been brutalized or, worse yet, killed by the police. The consequences of excessive and deadly force have been severe, affecting both police organizations…

Cruising Through Laconia Cruising Through Laconia

The city of Laconia, New Hampshire is home to the oldest motorcycle rally in America- it also has more motorcyclists per capita than any other city in the Nation. In fact Laconia’s slogan is “We Ride,” and it’s true. Every city official, old timer, new timer, and even the unsuspecting grandma at the local grocery…

GoPros And Smart Helmets – Good, or Bad? GoPros And Smart Helmets – Good, or Bad?

Almost everyone at this point has seen a viral video taken by a motorcyclist’s GoPro catching the close calls and challenges encountered by riders on a daily basis. We live in a world now where everyone is shooting videos of everything.  Footage of just about every subject matter is all over TV and the internet….

Lemon Laws For Motorcycles? Lemon Laws For Motorcycles?
  • May 04, 2016
  • By David "Double D" Devereaux
  • Delaware

Delaware Extends Lemon Law Protection To Motorcyclists On April 20, 2016 Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed SB173 into law, an Act that brings motorcycles within the scope of the state’s automobile Lemon Law. Previously motorcycles were explicitly excluded from the definition of “automobile” as defined in Delaware Code Ann., Title 6, Sections 5001 through 5009….

Top Roads To Ride In Kentucky Top Roads To Ride In Kentucky

Kentucky is known as the Bluegrass State. It’s also home to the Kentucky Derby, corvettes, Fort Knox gold and Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace. We’ve got Bourbon so delicious that it’s started wars and barbecue that’s so good that it’s ended them. Daniel Boone called Kentucky a “second paradise,” and I like to call it home. I…

Donnie Smith Bike & Car Show Donnie Smith Bike & Car Show

Calling all bike enthusiasts! We’re headed to the 29th annual Donnie Smith bike and car show April 2-3 which boasts an awesome collection of baggers, choppers, retro bobbers and cruisers—35 different classes of motorcycles! Not to mention 22 classes of vintage and antique cars, hot rods and rat rods. For just $15 Admission, you can…

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