Central Florida Roads Central Florida Roads

Over 62 million people travel to central Florida every year. That’s more than any other city in America. To a local business owner, that’s the best news you can get. But to a motorcyclist looking for a fun and safe place to ride, the last place on your list would be an over-caged, congested, “lost…

  • January 20, 2016
  • Florida

The 2016 Miami International Motorcycle Show was held a few weeks ago in the beginning of January at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Like every year Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys are proud to be apart of such a great show for the motorcycle community. It was an awesome weekend; we saw amazing custom bikes, enjoyed the…

Women Riders on the Rise Women Riders on the Rise

For years the realm of motorcycling has been dominated by men yet a recent study by the Motorcycle Industry Council has announced that women riders are strongly increasing. According to recent ownership numbers and sales figures between 2003 and 2014, women motorcyclists have doubled in numbers and are now riding at a healthy 14 percent…

Motorcyclists Prepare for El Nino Motorcyclists Prepare for El Nino

El Niño is expected to bring wet weather to California this winter. This strong weather pattern, arguably the strongest seen since 1950, suggests El Niño could cause serious flooding in the state. You may be asking, what is El Niño? Roughly every three to six years, sea temperatures in the Pacific Ocean become warmer or…

Equal Access For Motorcyclists Equal Access For Motorcyclists

EQUAL ACCESS FOR MOTORCYCLISTS EXPLAINED Restricted access to public accommodations and public spaces is one of the most common issues facing motorcycle club members across America. Individuals wearing clothing displaying the names or symbols of motorcycle organizations are commonly denied access to bars, restaurants, conventions, courthouses, fairs, race tracks, shows and other events. And although…

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