Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys Meet the WolfPack Mobile App Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys Meet the WolfPack Mobile App

There’s a new App in the motorcycle sphere, and it’s poised to transform the way groups of motorcyclists ride together. The WolfPack™ Mobile App is designed to make group rides safer and facilitate the communication between riders in a group setting. With features such as turn-by-turn navigation, easy-to-access pre-canned group messages and the ability to see…

Catskills Rediscovered Catskills Rediscovered

Over the summer I got a chance to ride through over 37 states in search of America’s “misunderstood locations” to find out what they really were all about. One of the places on the list was the Catskills. Up until my visit the only thing I knew about it was that it’s not too far…

Think Before you Drink Think Before you Drink

Motorcycle Fatalities Increase with Impairment Motorcyclists have many factors to keep in mind while riding, balance, environment, road conditions, other drivers, animals running out on the road and so much more. Riding takes skill, concentration and focus. When a rider adds alcohol to the mix, the results can be deadly. The Wisconsin Department of Motor…

GoPros And Smart Helmets – Good, or Bad? GoPros And Smart Helmets – Good, or Bad?

Almost everyone at this point has seen a viral video taken by a motorcyclist’s GoPro catching the close calls and challenges encountered by riders on a daily basis. We live in a world now where everyone is shooting videos of everything.  Footage of just about every subject matter is all over TV and the internet….

Top Roads To Ride in Texas Top Roads To Ride in Texas

Growing up in the concrete jungle of Houston, I never truly realized how much scenery the entire state of Texas has to offer—especially to those who prefer to adventure on two wheels. When I bought my first motorcycle back in 2011, I was living in the Austin area and was spoiled with the roads surrounding…

Central Florida Roads Central Florida Roads

Over 62 million people travel to central Florida every year. That’s more than any other city in America. To a local business owner, that’s the best news you can get. But to a motorcyclist looking for a fun and safe place to ride, the last place on your list would be an over-caged, congested, “lost…

Six California Motorcycle Laws You Need to Know Six California Motorcycle Laws You Need to Know

Though the sense of freedom on the open road is what draws so many of us to motorcycles, it is important to understand and follow California motorcycle laws. Responsible riding can help you avoid traffic citations and fines, but more importantly, seriously reduce your risk of getting into a motorcycle accident. Here are six California…

Top Six Motorcycle Hangouts in Southern California Top Six Motorcycle Hangouts in Southern California

If you’re a biker, Southern California is the place to be. The area boasts some of the best highways and open roads – not to mention the most incredible coastal views in the world. Southern California is also home to some of the best biker bars and hangouts in the nation. Here are some top…

Lane Splitting In California: Do’s and Don’ts! Lane Splitting In California: Do’s and Don’ts!

Drivers on California highways often find themselves momentarily sharing a lane with a motorcyclist who is “lane splitting”. California is the only state in the nation in which lane splitting, is legal. Other terms for the practice include white-lining, filtering, or lane sharing. In simple terms, lane splitting is when a two-wheeled vehicle overtakes slow…

Stop Lights & Traffic Sensors Stop Lights & Traffic Sensors

Q. What do you do if your motorcycle won’t trip the red light sensors? We’re sitting ducks, especially at night, and if it’s got a camera we have to lose a day’s pay to go fight the fine. A. Unfortunately there is no easy answer. The law seems to be moving to the point where all traffic…

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