Are Texas Gang Laws Overly Broad? Are Texas Gang Laws Overly Broad?

Texas gang law is overly broad, applies to almost every conceivable association imaginable, and unjustly denies the constitutional rights of individuals that have not engaged or conspired to engage in criminal activity. The implications of an overly broad law includes chilling 1st Amendment associations.  The implications also include mass arrests redefining the principle that probable…

Calling for Justice in the Waco 177 Case – An Opinion Calling for Justice in the Waco 177 Case – An Opinion
  • October 09, 2015
  • By Raine Devries
  • Texas

– An Opinion by Raine Devries After almost five months, the criminal justice system in Waco continues to mystify journalists and legal minds across the nation with more questions arising than answers. Observers are impatiently awaiting the elusive ballistics report that will say for once and for all if this was truly a biker-on-biker crime,…

Bikers–Is Image Everything? Bikers–Is Image Everything?

In Palm Springs, California, city officials and a group representing most of the city’s hotel owners and managers pulled the plug on American Heat, the almost-annual downtown fall street festival attended by several thousand motorcyclists. They did it because they were worried that Palm Springs could have an incident similar to the one in Waco,…

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