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Women Riders Upgrade the Pavement!

women motorcyclist brenda fox

Brenda Fox

Motorcycle Attorney Russ Brown: It’s so exciting to see so many more women get out and enjoying the open road! Two wheels, three wheels whatever twist your grip, it’s all good in my book.

I bought my first Harley in my early 20’s and back then people wouldn’t even talk to me because I was the Harley girl  :o.

Funny how judgmental people can be … All the rude comments about being a gal of “questionable character” all because I rode a motorcycle. Twits! They walked on the other side of the sidewalk, heck probably thought about hiding their children. I didn’t give a crap… I loved motorcycles, I love riding and I love making every day in life an adventure.

I’ve never had a brother, father or male figure in my life to help me with motorcycles, I did it all on my own. I think determination, bullheadedness and a good dose of stupidity is what fueled my passion for riding and I embrace my foundation of hard knocks to this day. Damn I’ve never been one to take the easy route. 

Well that was then –  this is now!

Today there are so many opportunities for women to get out and ride.

So many resources to learn on your own do it for yourself even if you don’t have any connections to others with motorcycles.

And if you do have friends, family and people around you that ride – Awesome! Join them. Life is better from the “moto view” of things.

So that’s a little of my story and what I’m excited about is we ALL have a story.

Back when I started, there was so little if hardly any support for women riders and I’m excited things have changed.

Adding a “turbo boost” to my excitement is my friend, fellow motorcyclist, kick ass Motorcycle Attorney Russ Brown will be supporting us women riders with some really awesome moto campaigns that I’ll be filling you in on. The BAM, Free Breakdown and Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists crew will be at ALOT of events this year; all the major rallies and we’re gonna have a lot of cool things to connect with you on.

I want to hear your stories ladies!  How did you get started in riding?  Who helped you?  Post your stories in the comments here or on my Facebook page womenmotorcyclists.

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys will be hosting a party in honor of women riders at the Legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip  during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

So bring on the good times 2012!

Ride ON!

Brenda Fox 

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys have been fighting for bikers for over thirty years.  From Los Angeles, California to Miami Florida, Dallas, Texas to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from Columbus, Ohio to Buffalo, New York – wherever you ride we’ve got you covered.


  1. Karen

    We bought a motorcycle to have a hobby together as our children grew up and out. I quickly discovered I didn’t see nearly enough from the back seat and while alot of my friends husbands were giving them reasons why they shouldn’t ride, mine was teaching me to handle his bike. Then he took me to the dealership and helped me pick out my own! We have been riding now for 10 years and have been all over the country and I never miss an opportunity to encourage a woman who would like to ride her own!

    Shoot, tried to send a pic but it won’t let me.

  2. Fayne Winter

    I got into it by accident really. My sister in-law and I decided to get our licences together because our men had motorcycles we figured it would be a good idea to get our licenses in case we ever needed to drive them. Well, after being in that position for the first time ever at the age of 48, I never looked back. I ended up driving my new Sportster 1200 home 2 weeks after I got my license. It is the most fun thing I have ever done. Put 10,000 miles on her in my first year and I live in NY state! I am now anxiously awaiting for summer! Have met a great group of lady riders to ride with. What an experience! Just the best!

  3. Sabine Bartels

    I rediscovered the joy of Motorcycle riding after a 20 year hiatus at the age of 51. I got my licence at the age of 24, rode my own bikes for 6 years and then came to Canada from my native Germany. Then, one day in 2010 a light switched on in my head and I decided to get back into it. Got my Canadian licence, bought my first bike (a 500 Vulcan)and put 10000 kms on her the first season. Now I own a VStar 1100 and also put a lot of mileage on her as well. I don’t understand why I waited so long because riding is liberating. I joined a great group of riders and enjoy every minute on my bike. Now, when is Spring????

  4. B FOX

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you for sharing your story.
    How wonderful to have a partner to share the open road with and travel all over the country.

    Shoot a pic to: [email protected]
    RIDE ON!

  5. B FOX

    Hi Fayne,

    Great name by the way 🙂

    Sorry to hear got into an accident – Hope you had a good Attorney like Russ Brown to help you!
    Shoot a pic of your group of lady riders!
    We’re working out some details on getting up pics and stories on Russ’s site of women that ride.
    Russ is leading the pack, getting behind us women riders with support and we have some cool things cookin for 2012!

  6. B FOX

    Thats awesome Sabine,
    (another cool name I might add)

    I like hearing how you joined a great group of riders. I’ve been a bit of a lone wolf. I gotta get myself a good pack of riders.
    Big Red – Get a bike! We gotta roll!!

  7. Trish King

    I rode on my first bike in high school many moons ago (attending 30 year reunion this summer). My husband rode when we were first married but after I got pregnant I just couldn’t get back on a bike. I think it was the mother in me knowing someone was depending on me to be there and so I didn’t take the chance. My husband gave up his bike when our sons were 7 and 4 but always missed his bike. For his 50th birthday I surprised him with a Yamaha Stratoliner. I finally felt comfortable and got back on the back and rode with him as our kids were now 19 and 16. Then I got the itch! Why not try it on my own. He encouraged me and started looking for a bike for me. I got my motorcycle endorsement on Mother’s Day weekend 2 years ago and we bought a 1994 Harley Sportster 1200. I absolutely love it!! You can hardly keep me off of it and I think the kids think its kinda cool to have a “Harley Mama”.
    As an aside Brenda, my sister-in-law turned me on to your site on facebook and though I have had many challenges myself recently, when I am on and I think about you and your health struggle, I do pray for your recovery and for you to have peace about it.

  8. B FOX

    Trish – you comment means alot to me – Thank you!
    Much L & R to you!

  9. Sheila

    Brenda thank you for sharing your story! You are an inspiration and I enjoy reading your post on you FB also. It reminds me that the only obstacle that keeps me from experiencing life is my own self imposed inhibitions. I started riding after being a passenger on my husband’s bike for a few years. I decided I was tired of being a passenger and wanted the rider’s experience. My husband encouraged and supported me as I learned not only to ride but to overcome riding with a prosthesis on my left foot and learning to shift. I have heard throughout my life comments on things I can’t do and that my foot limits me! But on my Sportster…I am not limited and can enjoy freedom! I have only been riding for a few months but it has been and continues to be an exhilarating and liberating experience! My husband is my riding partner and it’s a wonderful way for us to spend our time together!

  10. Betty Weston

    Hi,,,,,I am very happy to have discovered this website today and felt the need to post on a site where I feel included and welcome……..I am 65 years old and have been riding since 1980 when I bought my first bike a 440 Kawasaki with a tax refund when I was still a single parent…..that bike saved my sanity in a crazy world of too much responsibility, too little money and a fierce survivor instinct……..I have had many bikes over the years and still have two in my garage waiting for warm weather….I am a canadian andd our bike season is from april to november but that just makes it more special when the time comes…right now i am suffering from PMS (parked motorcycle syndrome)…..April is the cure!! My little dog Jackson travels with me on the back and last summer we clocked 21,000 kilometers translating to 13,000 miles in US. Thank you for having such a site as this and I look forward to enjoying it now that i have discovered it…..congratulations to all you other gals who have found your freedom on two wheels…….


  11. Sandy

    Hi Brenda!
    Last spring at the age of 48 I got my motorcycle license. I was so excited! I’ve always wanted to ride. But never really considered getting my license. Girls don’t do those things! But I was never your soft, pink girly girl. I had a mini bike when I was 7. I rode 4-wheelers and snowmobiles quite often. But never a motorcycle! Then 2 years ago while some classmates and I were planning our30th class reunion, one of my female classmates was taking a local riders course to get her license. I was so jealous! I wanted MY license! So last spring I took the same 2 day class and got my license. I then just happened to also find the perfect bike for me that same day. 2 days later my new bike and I were on our maiden ride. A very hot 85 degree day, hot gooey tar a twisty windy road and a brand new rider, riding alone, made for my first wreck….First day as a licensed rider. Broke my right hand in 3 places. Tore the ligaments in my left hand. I was out of commission for the next 12 weeks. I was so bummed…. my bike was fine. I wasnt. But from day 1 of my injury i was scoping out the weeks…. If I did everything right, I thought, I can get back on my bike by the start of fall and at least get a few weeks of riding in before snow flies! And after a lot of eating right, vitamins, and physical therapy I was back on my bike again in the fall! Now that riding season is coming upon us, I am nervous and excited and getting the itch to ride again. I pray that this season proves to be a great experience. I hope to ‘Ride on!’

  12. I grew up on a farm, a real tomboy. I loved motorbikes, but we never had money for one. Some years ago I bought a beat-up ’79 Suzuki and had fun between the breakdowns and difficulties.

    Then, a few years ago, my dad bought me my dream bike! A BMW 650GS. I have done over 40 000 kms on it, including a solo trip to the border of Lesotho, on the other side of South Africa. The memories with that beast…. Boy oh boy!

    Whenever stress or work gets me down, I only have to take to the roads on my trusty steed and life is all OK again! Viva biking!!
    Signed: Avid Biker Chick!!

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