Common Case Issues

Whether your motorcycle accident involves significant injuries or is a minor no-contact accident involving scrapes and property damage only, it’s worth your time to call Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys hotline. We consistently take on difficult cases; we will provide free advice, even if the circumstances do not look favorable. We have the experience, the resources and the highly qualified staff necessary to deal with motorcycle accident cases that other lawyers can’t handle. Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys is a trial law firm with tremendous compassion for our clients. We are used to actively solving problems and producing results that go above and beyond.

Below are a small sampling of our case verdicts and settlements, in addition to some descriptions of common case issues where our expertise can give you the edge.

Insurance Hurdles

Insurance companies use any means possible to minimize a claim and reduce the amount of a payout. Even your own insurance company may not acknowledge or attribute proper value to your injuries, pain and suffering, loss of work and/or damage to your bike and accessories. As a layperson, you may not know everything you are entitled to receive, realize insurance company obligations or recognize a failure to disclose additional coverage. In many instances, we are contacted long after an injury accident…long after coerced recorded statements…long after settlement offers have already been made or accepted, sometimes when it is too late to offer help. The earlier you are informed of your rights, proper procedure and valid expectations, the better off you will be. Even if you do not need an attorney, our advice is free and may help increase the value of your claim.

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Our team of motorcycle accident attorneys knows how a police report can easily go against a rider, when, in fact, it was not the rider’s fault. Many times officers may make mistakes in their notes or misread physical evidence at the scene. Witness accounts can be given unfair weight or mischaracterized to fit a story. As riders ourselves, we know the prejudice a motorcyclist faces on the road that may color a witness’ statement. We are aware of motorcyclists’ techniques to safeguard their bike and their body in an accident and only experienced motorcycle accident lawyers may understand the rider’s actions. We have encountered countless underdog situations and, with our experience, we have been able to overcome them. We know how it feels to have the cards stacked against you due to a bad police report—don’t settle for inexperience—it could break your case.

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We have had many, many successful outcomes to cases that other attorneys turned down. Many personal injury attorneys without the necessary expertise or experience will think a case has no value simply because they don’t know what to look for. Motorcycle accidents are nothing like car accidents, there are many particular and unique elements. It makes no sense to hire an attorney that does not know one motorcycle from another, doesn’t know what you as a rider are up against out there on the street, or is still influenced by the general bias against motorcyclists.

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If you’ve been found at fault for causing an accident, don’t assume that term means the end of your case. Fault issues can and do impact your financial recovery, but they often hinge on largely subjective or inaccurate “facts” that can be mitigated, minimized or eliminated. An aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer can often make a huge difference in how a rider’s actions are perceived, reduce the percentage of blame, and prove when you were not in any way responsible. Whether a rider is assigned guilt for a failure to yield, lane splitting, speeding, improper license, non-DOT helmet, dumping the bike without contact, not having insurance, even damaging toxicology, we may be able to help.

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With over 35 years of experience of fighting for injured motorcyclists, we have motorcycle accident law down to a science. There are countless scenarios where the lawyers and staff at Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys go the extra mile to ensure our clients get every penny to which they were entitled. Since motorcycle accident injuries can be extensive, we see many cases where an injured rider’s medical bills exceed the insurance policy limits. To the best of our ability, we negotiate with medical providers to reduce those bills and get our clients their fair share. Also, some insurance plans have hard-line contracts putting them first-in-line for any medical compensation recovered. Whenever possible, we take the time to negotiate up-front agreements with those insurer plans ahead of time, to reduce what they take and maximize what ends up in our clients’ pockets.

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