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The sole purpose of the BAM program is to keep motorcyclists across the country safe and protected on the road! Whether you experience a breakdown, a flat tire, run out of gas or even a motorcycle accident. BAM is an excellent resource for FREE roadside assistance and legal advice. Motorcyclists are oftentimes the underdogs of the roads and highways they ride—but with a BAM card in your wallet you never ride alone. As a member of Russ Brown’s BAM program, you have the backing of over two million motorcyclists like yourself plus the top legal minds of the country ready to advise you should you get into a motorcycle accident.

Our BAM family offers a unique safety net in the event of a roadside emergency and has done so for over 30 years. BAM Founder, Russ Brown started this program so that no rider should ever feel alone or stranded without help. Millions of riders since have rallied to make BAM the strongest volunteer program of its kind in the world!
BAM is made possible by members like YOU— Join 2 million fellow riders and keep the BAM fellowship strong in your community!
– BAM program participation open to U.S Residences only.
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BAM is fully supported by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys—we make sure there is always a member of the BAM team available to answer you when you call 1-800-4-BIKERS. We are committed to supporting the riding community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our motorcycle accident attorneys are also ready to provide you with guidance in the event of a motorcycle accident. We are here for you whether you need to retain our legal counsel or just get advice on how to best move forward without a lawyer. Don’t trust your case to just any attorney—we are experts in fighting the toughest motorcycle accident cases. As riders ourselves we know what your bike and riding lifestyle means to you.

Aside from the many perks you’ll get as a BAM Member, you can also get special motorcycle event discounts and contest invitations exclusive to BAM members. As motorcycle event sponsors, we oftentimes get discounts and free tickets to some of the best rallies in the country—and we want to share them with YOU! We don’t send these offers often, but when we do, we promise they’ll be great! Just be sure to provide us with your current email address when signing up for BAM and checking “Yes, I’d like to get BAM’s free ticket & discount offers to motorcycle events near me.” We will NOT share your email address or send you spam.


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